Why shouldn’t I buy the Retail Computer on Special

Is it possible that the Computer at Costco, or Best Buy can meet your needs?  Yes, it is possible, and we may well end up buying it there, but do the sales people at Costco have 20 years experience listening to the needs of customers and making sure they buy the right computer for their Law Firm, or Wholesaler Business?  What they suggest may well work,  but for how long?  How well will it do what you want to do?

At Pathways Networking we have always offered, and always will offer free purchase consulting.  We do this to make sure you have the computer you need.  No spiffs for me, no hourly rates for my time.  Just you and me looking at what you want a computer to do, and the budget you have set to accomplish the task.

We also consult for Printers, and other devices.  We want to make your life easier not harder, so call us today, and we can start working to make your technology work for you, instead of you working for it.


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