Technology working for you!

We know that you have things you need to do for your business, and working on your network and computers is not one of those things.  Let us set up a stable network for you, that suits your needs.  We don’t do cookie cutter solutions.  We customize to your needs and skills.

When your Computers, Printers, or Networks, etc are frustrating you, call us.  720-253-1184

Why Pathways Networking?

Because we have the experience making computers simple

Computers have gotten easier to use and more complex to make them work right and be secure.  Pathways Technicians will come in and make sure you have the security you need, at a price you can afford.  We are here to make your business run smoothly, and data secure.  

It’s about priorities

We set standards for emergency calls vs routine calls, and we have the experience to know the difference.  We can quickly diagnose your issues, and tell you how to best resolve the issue once and for all.  It could be a quick fix, or it could require a hardware upgrade, but our promise is that your best interests outweigh our ideas on the best thing for us.

We will come to you or remote to you when needed.  

We have experience, with Macs, PC’s, Servers, Networks, Routers, and a bunch of other stuff you don’t understand or need to.  We will handle it for you and make things work best for you!

Purchase consulting is always free. 

We have always offered free purchase consulting.  We want you to know that our priority is your getting the best computer you need for the amount you want to spend. 

Network Support

Your network is the backbone of all you do.  Security is the core of that.  Threats have increased, and we are prepared to make sure you have the security you need.  If it doesn’t work correctly then nothing you do will work.  We make sure you have a wired network where you need it, and a wireless network where we can’t do wired.  We will make sure you have the servers, network switches, WIFI access points, and cabling to meet your needs.  We make sure you have the security to meet your personal, and statutory requirements. 

Desktop Support

We will help you buy your computers, we set them up to meet your specific needs, and then we keep them running at top speed.  We protect your systems with AntiMalware-Antivirus, and keep it updated through a management console.  Our Monitoring software will notify us when issues happen with your Desktop or Laptop, and if they are incidental issues that can be handled anytime, or Critical that require me to drop everything and head your way to make sure you do not lose data.  When possible we will use our remote software to get into your computers, and solve issues, so you don’t have to wait.

Computer Purchase Consulting

Most computer users rely on the person at the store they go to for the information on which computer to buy and what computer will meet their needs.  What that buyer is not considering is that there could be a spiff(financial incentive) for the sales person to direct the buyer to a cheaper machine they need to get rid of or and more expensive one they have on special.  Your needs are what they should be focused on.  Getting you a machine that will meet your needs now, and as much as can be foreseen for the life of that computer.  I will sit with you and order online, or meet you at a store, or buy the machine for you.  Never a charge for the consult, and never a dimes profit on the machine.    We help people purchase Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other brands.  We can even help make sure you have the right printer.

Phone and Internet Purchase Consulting

Another area people can easily over or underspend is internet connections, and Phones.  While I do not sell either of these products directly, I have long standing relationships with companies in the area who do.  We can help you to look at VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones, or traditional phones.  My partner companies can tell you the plusses and minuses to having VoIP or traditional phones.  The same goes for your internet, faster is always good, but why spend more than you need to.  We can make sure to slightly oversize your internet speed to make sure things will run right for you and you won’t be wasting money.

Areas We Serve

Wheat Ridge
Denver (North of 6th Ave)
Commerce City
Ft Lupton

and all of Idaho!