Technology working for you!

We know that you have things you need to do for your business, and working on your network and computers is not one of those things.  Let us set up a stable network for you, that suits your needs.  We don’t do cookie cutter solutions.  We customize to your needs and skills.

When your Computers, Printers, or Networks, etc are frustrating you, call us.  720-253-1184

Why Pathways Networking?

Because we have the experience making computers simple

Computers have gotten easier to use and more complex to make them work right and be secure.  Pathways Technicians will come in and make sure you have the security you need, at a price you can afford.  We are here to make your business run smoothly, and data secure.  

It’s about priorities

We set standards for emergency calls vs routine calls, and we have the experience to know the difference.  We can quickly diagnose your issues, and tell you how to best resolve the issue once and for all.  It could be a quick fix, or it could require a hardware upgrade, but our promise is that your best interests outweigh our ideas on the best thing for us.

We will come to you or remote to you when needed.  

We have experience, with Macs, PC’s, Servers, Networks, Routers, and a bunch of other stuff you don’t understand or need to.  We will handle it for you and make things work best for you!

Purchase consulting is always free. 

We have always offered free purchase consulting.  We want you to know that our priority is your getting the best computer you need for the amount you want to spend. 

Network Support

Making sure your network performs in a way that meets your needs. We customize the solution to make sure it has the speed you want with the security you need.

Desktop Support

There is nothing worse than not getting your work done because of a Desktop or Laptop failure. We will keep your equipment running a set a reasonable schedule for replacing it before an unpredicted failure costs you time and money.

Computer Purchase

We help you to buy the hardware you need, not too much and not too little. We make sure you don’t over or under spend, while making sure the computer meets your needs.

Phone and Internet
Purchase Consulting

While we do not provide internet connections, or Phones, we have a select group of people who we work with to make sure you get the systems, and speed you need for your business.

Veteran Discounts

You served your country and now we honor that service with a 10% discount on all services.  Just let us know you are a Veteran, and get the discount.  

Areas We Serve

Wheat Ridge
Denver (North of 6th Ave)
Commerce City
Ft Lupton

and all of Idaho!