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Managed Support

Managed support is the new way of dealing with IT.  It is a more proactive approach to supporting your computers.  We place software on your computers to protect you from Malware, and Viruses, and at the same time monitor your computers for 100’s of small issues that can become large issues, and allow us to remotely access your computers to repair issues quickly.  The cost for these services is almost always a savings over the break fix model, which is reactive, and more expensive.

Minimal Plan

Workstations and Laptops: $29.00 per end point

Servers:  $119.00 per Server

Preferred Plan

Workstations and Laptops: $39.99 per end point

Servers: $300.00 per Server

Elite Plan

Workstations and Laptops: $50.00 per end point

Servers: $300.00 per Server

This plan covers anti-malware, antivirus, Elite monitoring for hardware issues. Remote support is billed at a 10% Discount.  Onsite service is at full price.

Normal hourly rates are

$110 per hour

$110 travel Charge for any travel beyond 20 miles from my Office location according to Google Maps

Workstation Installs are $475.00 each

Server Installs are $5,500.00 each