VPN why is it so slow right now!!

I get lots of people asking why the VPN fails to connect at times and is slow at times. The answer lies in a few places. If your company never allowed many people to VPN before, and now they have 4-10 more people doing it you may want to look at the upload and download speeds of both sides. What I mean by this is if your connection at home is a 200/200 connection, but work is 150/5 then the issue is most likely work. Likewise if the numbers are reversed the issue is at home. If you have good connections of 50/50 or better at all the homes and a 250/20 connection at work. The first few connections might seem fine. If you are number 5 connecting, you will see a slow down, and so will everyone else.

A good rule of thumb for VPN is you need 5/5 per person to have decent performance. If you are doing something difficult like graphic design, you need 10/10 per person.

Now the 3rd element number of people on the general internet doing full 2 way communication. Normally most people are doing simple communication, IE you send a signal that says I want to see Amazon.com, and then Amazon sends all the pictures, text and graphics. Now with VPN people are moving files one way to open a file and another to save the file on the company server, in unseen numbers.

No one up to this point thought anyone would be moving this much data all day long every day until COVID happened. Now unforeseen numbers of people are on the internet all day.

Plus we have all our kids in Zoom Meetings, for classes, and meetings that were once done in person are now Zoom meetings, and the data use for those are like graphic design level data moving all the time for 20 people.

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