What should we be doing now?

Use the down time to your advantage!!

If you have a rough time scheduling something like getting the grout in your lobby tile  fixed do it now!!

If you need to update to MS Office, because of the disruption of productivity, do it now!!!

We need to think of getting our businesses ready to hit the ground running when things open back up.  If we wait until the starting moment, and then start to run, then we will behind those who worked at things they could while things were down.  If there is an advertising campaign that you wanted to do, but couldn’t get with the Marketing People because you were to busy, take this opportunity.  Schedule a Zoom meeting with the Marketing Company, and get the whole plan ready, and go with it when you hear you can open back up.

If you need anything from Pathways Networking, let us know.  We saw a rush of people needing to VPN in the beginning, but now things have slowed down, and we can help get new machines up and running or get problems solved we are there for you.


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