Spoofing vs Hacking

Many people are confused by these terms.  So I thought I would explain the differences.

SPOOFING- Someone pretending to be something they are not, with the purpose of getting you to give your information to someone you normally would not give information to.

PRACTICAL EXAMPLE- Someone claims to be the manager of your Apartment Complex, and says give me a key to your Apartment, and I will come in after you are gone and fix your faucet.  They actually aren’t the manager, and you come home to an empty Apartment.

IT EXAMPLE-I am with the IRS, or a County Court, or some other Government agency, and you need to click this link and go to this site to avoid arrest.  OR  Your email password  has been compromised, click this link to reset it.  OR your bank password has been compromised, and you need to reset your password.
HOW TO DEFEAT IT- Don’t ever click the link!!!!!  If you don’t know how to contact the supposed people, find a way, drive there is you must.   If you are really in trouble with the US government or the IRS, they will mail you a letter, they won’t email,  don’t worry about those.  Most of the ones from County Clerks don’t tell you what County, and that is how you know they are fake.


HACKING-A deliberate attempt to compromise your computer or a banking or other computer, with the purpose of getting your information to steal from you.

PRACTICAL EXAMPLE-  A person using lock picks to get into another person house, to steal their stuff.

IT EXAMPLE- A Hacker tries to gets into your computer or another computer you have information on to steal from you.

HOW TO DEFEAT IT- Make sure your passwords are strong.  Use words that make sense to you, but may or may not mean anything to anyone else.  If you met your wife on a SkiLift at Arapahoe Basin in 2000, you could use Ar4pah03B@5!n2000  If you think for one second that your password is compromised Change it!!!



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