Every 4 yrs I need a new computer??


Clients frequently ask me, why do I need to replace my computer every 4 years??

The answer for this is simple, every year the odds of having a computer failure increase by 20%

This means that by the 4th year you are looking at a 59.04% chance of failure of some part of your computer.

Does this mean you will lose data?   Not necessarily, but the one part in most computers that takes the most wear is the spinning hard drive.

Does this mean you will lose productive hours?  Most likely!!

How can you extend the length of time you use a computer?  Get an SSD hard drive, and then have it checked each year for things that could cause issues.

There still are fans in most computers, so a yearly check up is still recommended!!

If you would like to discuss this more, please call, we would love to sit down and have coffee with you and talk about how to better safeguard your network, and your Data




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