How much computer should I buy?

When you are looking for a new computer be sure to look at your needs.  Look at the programs you run, and how many of them you run at a time.

1) RAM-A good example is an office worker who runs, Word, Excel, Outlook, a time keeping software, Internet browser, and another program all at once.  Look at the requirements for each and then consider the first one at the recommendation, and calculate all the others at 25%, don’t forget to also calculate the Operating system.  So if all were 4GB required, that would be 4GB for the OS, 1GB Word, 1GB Excel, 1GB Outlook, 1GB Time Keeping, 1GB Internet Browser, and 1GB other program.  That makes 10GB of RAM recommended for this office worker.  Always calculate to the next higher number possible.  For some systems that is 12GB, for others it is 16GB.

2) Hard Drive-If you take your old computer and look at the size of the Users folder, plus the size of the Program files and multiply by 2.  If those folders added together add up to 200GB, then you need a 400GB drive minimum.

3) Processor-Processors for this type of worker have far outpaced the needs of the people.  If you go with a known processor, like and AMD or Intel, you are likely fine in this example.  Getting something less known is not advisable unless you have a recommendation from an Expert.

4) Video Memory-For this application there is no need for more than basic video memory.  If you have applications you need that are graphic intense or want to run 2 large monitors, that need could change, seek advise.

5) Mac OS, Chrome, Windows, or Linux-  this is more personal in some ways if you have no idea I follow a simple process.  First do you have a program that requires a specific OS?  If so you have to go there.  If the App can be replaced, then your options open up.  Second Comfort is king!!  If you are comfortable on Windows or on a Mac, don’t mess with that without a reason.  Last Longevity, and ease of use.  I would rate the listed OS’s in order of ease of use, as Mac OS, Windows, Chrome, and then Linux. The farther you get down that scale the more you are going to personally need to know about computers to be able to use them.

If all of this seems complex and confusing, please do not hesitate to call.  Pathways Networking has offered “Free Purchase Consulting” since it started, and we always will.  Many people find this hard and confusing, and so we try to remove that, and make your life easier.  Of course if you want us to set up the computer we will for a fee.  Mostly we want to make sure you are happy with your computer, and can get to what ever work or play you have planned for it.


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