How much is too much, or not enough??

You need to look at all the software you want to run at the same time, add a few more applications on and then look at the specifications for all the software you need to run.  Once that is done, then over calculate everything by at least 25%.  If you can find exactly the computer that meets those needs, then find the upgrades that get you above that.  That is the right computer for your purposes.  Once you know that you can look at your budget, and decide, if the budget you have fits the machine you need, then buy the machine.  If not then you need to decide the sacrifice/sacrifices you are going to make.  You need to look at the important applications and make sure you can run those, and then reevaluate the budget to machine needs.

If you are advised to buy a computer or server that more than meets your needs, then you need to reduce the server until it is slightly over your needs, and buy that computer.

Many computer consulting companies use a standard server configuration for all their networks.  While this makes their life easy, it makes the clients costs expensive.  I have seen gross overkill on the part consulting companies.  This gross overkill has made companies that should have spent a couple thousand on a server spend $20,000 more than needed.  The worst part about this is the server doesn’t last any longer in an underutilized role than it does in a proper role.  So many of these companies, spend IT budgets that are many times the real need of those companies.

If you want to make sure that you are not buying less computer than you need, or much more computer than you need. Call Pathways Networking and we will make sure you have the Laptop, Desktop, or Server you actually need.  We have done this for over 10 years as a free service for all.  We want you to have the right computer so much we don’t charge for the service.  We want you to know you are getting what you need, and we are not profiting from the advice we give.


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