Computers are tools!! Not Expenses

We need to stop looking at Computers as expenses, and start looking at them as tools.  Just as the Carpenter will replace their saw blades, and their worn out tools, we need to look at computers in the same light.  After years of use a Rental company will replace their rental tools, because they are going to start failing and costing more than they are worth.  The same is true for your computers.  You need to look at your computers and think, “How old are they?”   “Are they going to fail causing me to lose Data?”  “Are they costing me time?”  Compare those things to the cost of a new computer.  If you think buying a new computer is expensive, compare it to being completely shut down for 3-5 days.  The cost of the computer will most likely seem cheap.  Call Pathways Networking today, we always offer free purchase consulting.  We will help you get the right computer for your purpose, and for the best price possible.

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